Group Fitness


Have fun with your friends and get fit with the area’s most dynamic fitness instructors. High energy Super Sculpt, Spinning, and Ballapalooza challenge your muscle and cardio endurance. Yoga, Pilates, and Yoga Flow stretch you mentally and physically as you strengthen the mind-body connection. Check out some of our member favorites:


Try on this calorie-scorching workout that fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance and body-sculpting movement. Every session is a chance to create, let go, connect, and sweat with intention.


Take on a high intensity all-over workout that pairs the cardio endurance benefits of cycling with the core-building, muscle-toning benefits of kettlebell work. You’ll be addicted after your first session.


Train like a champ as you jab, punch, and kick your way through our 30-minute TKO Interval Circuit. The workouts feature a fun combination of boxing and martial arts movements that change constantly, keeping you on your toes and challenging you to achieve the best shape of your life.


Quiet the noise and ease the stress of the day with Powerhouse Yoga. Controlled movements are designed to improve your flexibility, balance, strength, and posture. You’ll leave this class feeling more relaxed, more centered, and more alive.


Only have 30 minutes to workout? Well get set for a fat-burning, muscle-toning, body-shaping, fun-loving time; Powerhouse style. Sprint, lunge, press, squat, curl, and crunch your way to a sculpted body!

View our summer 2019 group fitness schedule